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10X Secrets Masterclass Russell Brunson
From Russell Brunson, comes one of his biggest and most exciting product launches to date!YUP, you’ve guessed it… the “10X Secrets Masterclass!” (10XSM for short).
But before we get down to the nitty-gritty of Russell’s newest addition to his awesome product collection and how it can help you to crush your Biz and profit tenfold, let’s see how 10X Secrets came about and discover more about the dude…

It Started With The ’10X Growth Conference’…

“What the heck is the 10X Growth Conference?”I’m glad you asked!It’s a special annual 4-day conference put together by ‘Grant Cardone‘ (the world’s #1 sales & marketing trainer) who designed it as an event for growing your BUSINESS, INCOME, and LIFE 10X!
10X Growth Conference

You learn all sorts of highly effective strategies on leadership, motivation, marketing, empire-building, and sales, etc, from the most successful Entrepreneurs around the globe.This year’s (2018) conference was held at the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, with 9,000 attendees!(Hey, see another type of Vegas conference that happens once a year. An “all expenses paid” one! Check Out The Affiliate Bootcamp for more info).Anyway, back to the 10X Conference. The lineup of super successful speakers included:

  • Grant Cardone himself
  • Elena Cardone
  • Gary Cardone
  • Ed Mylett
  • Jordan Zimmerman
  • Brad Lea
  • Forbes Riley
  • Naveen Jain
  • Andy Frisella
  • Jarrod Glandt
  • Daymond John
  • Ezra Firestone
  • Anik Singal
  • Hank Norman
  • John Maxwell
  • Steve Harvey
  • Russell Brunson
  • Plus others…

Want 13,000 words of free speaker notes from the 2018 10X event?…

Get the notes from Sean McCabe here!

The next big 10X (2019) event’s gonna be in Miami, Florida during February. And ticket prices vary from $197 – $15K, which tend to sell quickly.


Who is Russell Brunson, You Ask?

Russell is the guy behind ‘ClickFunnels’ (software for building sales funnels) – helping all kinds of business owners to multiply their profits through a single funnel which he shows them how to create using the templates, elements, and tools built into his software.

Basically, folks get their hands on everything they require for marketing, selling, and delivering their products/services to their customers on the web.

Hence, Russell’s slogan “You’re Just One Funnel Away…

sales funnel building

Over the last 10 years, Mr. Brunson has dedicated his life to helping 100,000s of Biz owners with his products (50,000+ of whom are active ClickFunnels users) and has also built a following of 1,000,000+ Entrepreneurs around the globe.

Many of his customers and followers regard him as THE world’s top sales funnel and digital marketing expert.

So yeah, he’s kinda a big deal! Learn more about Russell’s story here.

OK, “sales funnels” may have been around since the stone ages lol, but Russell has actually popularized the concept by being extremely passionate about teaching it as well as providing the right resources to those who NEED it in their lives.

In my opinion, he’s an absolute legend because he’s helped me tremendously with my own online Biz and there’s no other marketer quite like him!

Well, in his arena anyway.

So, Where Did Mr. Brunson Fit Into 10X (2018)?

When it came to Russell Brunson’s turn to deliver a keynote speech on stage at this year’s conference in the City of Sin, he wowed the audience with an electrifying 90-minute performance.

So powerful in fact, his presentation sold $3.2 MILLION of his ClickFunnels products in just 1-hour and 30 minutes!

1 out of 9 people in the room bought FREE stuff, like DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets, Software SecretsMarketing Secrets and Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook, which is pretty unheard-of!

And also Funnel Scripts, Funnel University

INSANE, right?

There’s also no doubt he made a TON on his ClickFunnels software, Perfect Webinar, Funnel Graffiti, 108 Proven Split Test Winners, Funnel Fridays and Marketing In Your Car products too.

So how did Brunson accomplish colossal results at the speed of light, hey?

The guy’s speech was delivered in such a way – applying various principles, processes, scripts, and psychology, that gave his audience the “urge” to buy into what he was selling, which was ClickFunnels.

Basically, the whole structure of Russell’s presentation is what sold his product.

Plus, anyone who purchased what he offered also received 6 hours worth of step-by-step training, which shows those customers how he generated $3,000,000 when he sold to them from stage.

The Birth of “10X Secrets Masterclass”…

So since Russell’s 90-minute presentation was such a big hit with the 9,000 attendees, he’s about to release the exact same training to others like you.

Inside his training, Mr.Brunson holds nothing back as he shows you his complete sales strategy blueprint for crushing it with whatever products you have for sale and raking in the profits, big time!

Russell claims his brand new ’10XSM’ training is one of “THE” best info products he’s created during his marketing career.

Put simply, this ’10XSM’ he offers you is a ‘Done-For-You’ package. You just copy and deploy Brunson’s techniques for huge $$$!

Don’t get me wrong, this is NOT a “get-rich-quick” type of product because although Russell has done the hardest part for you, you’ll still need to meet him halfway by working your socks off for the training to pay off.

**10X Secrets**

Who’s Gonna Gain The Most From ’10XSM’?

The AWESOME thing about Russell’s newly-released product is that it’s suitable for ANY type of business owner looking to create a successful empire in the long term

Are you involved in any of the following Biz models?

  • Agency/Freelancing
  • Information Products
  • E-Commerce
  • Coaching/Consulting
  • Network Marketing
  • Local Small Business
  • B2B Lead Generation
  • Non-Profits
  • And my personal favorites – Blogging + Affiliate Marketing!

If you answered “YES”, then ’10XSM’ will suit you down to the ground.

Even if you answered “NO”, don’t fret because the training Masterclass can still make you profitable using Brunson’s highly effective techniques.

Whether you’re just starting out online or offline, you’re looking for a way to diversify your income or struggling like hell to keep your business afloat and profit, then Russell is your knight in shining armor galloping to the rescue on his white horse lol.

Last But Not the Least…

While some folks aren’t the greatest fans of Russell Brunson’s sales funnel marketing approach – referring to some of his products as “overpriced” and branding him as a “scammer” (which he’s clearly NOT), he does actually “HELP” people like you and I to become successful.

So whether Russell’s products are free, cost $100s or even come with price tags of a few $1,000 – each one he produces always delivers a TON of “VALUE“.

If what you get from Russell really helps you to boost your profits and create a sustainable business in the long run, then isn’t the investment worth it?

10X Secrets Masterclass

10x Secrets Masterclass

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