Top 5 Steps to Build your Career in PPH!


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On May 2, 2015
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Awal36 provides best quality services to all Local and International Freelance based Jobs/Tasks. We have more than 4 years professional experiences on Graphics Designing, Online Marketplaces (ebay / amazon / play / magento etc.), Linnworks, Web Developments and Architectural sectors. With 24/7 support.

Getting work through PeoplePerHour can open new doors for your lifestyle and your business. Whether you are a small business or an individual freelancer, the endless opportunities offered by PeoplePerHour leads you to build a successful career as a Professional Freelancer to grow and develop your business, if you do it in the right ways. Of course you are not the only one in this vast community of talented people providing remote services independently throughout the world. So competition is high and success requires strategic plannings.

Unlike other freelance marketplaces, PeoplePerHour built its reputation based on the trust and promises of providing Super-Fast delivery and quality services with a vast community of talented freelancers. Buyers don’t need to concern about the quality; as PPH reviews every applications and services a freelancer offers; so that clients can put their faith in any freelancer matching the requirements.


In PeoplePerHour reputation is everything which goes both ways, as a result buyers can rate a freelancer on their performance which helps other client to trust them without any doubt. Similarly, freelancers can also provide a feedback on the buyer about the successful completion of a project.

So what do you need to build a reputation with highest recommendation from PPH?


Step 1: Your Profile

Creating a profile, and making it stand out among other talented freelancers, is the most important part of build and grow your career as a freelancer on PeoplePerHour. Your profile should reflect your talents and area of expertise that you are offering to the clients or buyers. If you have expertise in various sectors (e.g. i started with data entry than move to graphics design and now work on both designing and e-commerce sectors), try to highlight your main area of expertise and build your profile based on that particular expertise; than focus on to other fields of expertise you are offering.

When creating a profile, choose your JOB TITLE, YOUR SKILLS carefully with proper keywords and describe your passion in the 1st 3 lines on ABOUT YOU as it will be highlighted on your profile or to others. Make sure you offer a competitive RATE PER HOUR that is not too much high or too much low and reflects your professionalism.

If possible design an Infographic PPH Cover Image for your Profile to make it stand out even more to the buyers or potential clients and use a PROFILE PICTURE that is friendly, soothe and reflects your professionalism. Another important part for your profile to stand out among others is to upload a appealing Video about yourself in no more than 30-60 sec. max. and lastly create & upload PORTFOLIO of your previous, current and other highly appreciated works and samples.

 Step 2: Post Hourlie

After a perfect profile creation is complete, you can start posting hourlies of the services you want to offer to the buyers in PeoplePerHour.

When Posting an Hourlie, make sure to focus on the following fields among the things:

  • Title: Create a catchy title with the most effective keywords and make it short.
  • Category: Choose a relevant category for the service your are offering.
  • Tags: Choose 10 most effective tags that will bring traffic to your hourlie.
  • Photos/Videos: Upload real samples with an eye catching primary photo that visualizes your services and if possible upload a 30 sec. video about your service.
  • Details: Provide a detailed information about the service you are offering and why it is unique than others and what they will get in return of purchasing your hourlie, with specific instructions needed to deliver the hourlie in time.
  • Share: after you finish creating your hourlie, make sure to share it to all your social networks or to your friends or existing clients.

Step 3: Receive Endorsements & Share

After you post an hourlie, it may take some time to get responses from potential buyers and receive feedback’s; In that case, you need to get as much endorsements as you can get from your previous clients or from social networks who can endorse you too boost your profile reputation to recommend to more buyers and improve your rank. Remember to get valid and genuine endorses as it will boost your ranks also which will increase the reputation of your profile.

Make sure whatever you do, share share and share it to the world, the more you will share the more chances you will get faster responses.

Step 4: Feedback

Once you start receiving orders make sure you do your best to deliver a quality services in time with super-fast responses whenever a buyer requests something (a fast response rate will increase your reputation on PPH); as this will leave a positive impact on the buyers and they will not only get highly satisfied but also will keep you in touch for other future jobs. Getting excellent feedback from your buyers or clients is the number one factor for reputation building.

The best way to make a good relationship with your clients or buyer is to be HONEST with them, so that they don’t get surprised with something unexpected or an event and you can avoid a negative feedback.

Sometime, you need to nudge your buyer/client to leave a feedback, and its totally fine, but make sure not to force them to give e positive feedback, which may cause more harm than good. As your buyer will no doubt be keen to get a feedback from you too.

Step 5: Maintain Your Performance

This step is even more important, because once you build your reputation and it keeps growing day by day, you need to maintain that, otherwise a simple mistake of ignorance can fall your reputation you build for so long. So always be friendly, be professional and be respectful to your passion.

Don’t forget to be available online once for 3 hours everyday in PeoplePerHour.

Hope you will follow the Top 5 Steps to build your career in PPH and focus on the facts discussed above, and be a successful freelancer on every steps in your life.

Any question? Feel free to comment below and subscribe for more news, updates, career advice like this. Cheer!

Awal36 provides best quality services to all Local and International Freelance based Jobs/Tasks. We have more than 4 years professional experiences on Graphics Designing, Online Marketplaces (ebay / amazon / play / magento etc.), Linnworks, Web Developments and Architectural sectors. With 24/7 support.

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